Classical iPad apps

This is a list of Classical iPad apps which I own. They are all good – some of the, excellent – but some of them are more expensive than others. In most of these cases, however, you get what you pay for.

These are only the ones I have found so far, and I would be delighted to know about any good apps I have missed. Do post a reply with more suggestions, please.

Latin / Rome
SPQR – £3.99 – Latin dictionary and reader. Recommended.
Latin – 69p – a fun game where you make Latin words out of letter combinations.
Latin match – 69p – quick-fire game. Press the everyday Latin word against the clock!
Latin builder – 69p – match the Latin word to its translation to make a sentence.
Virtual History : ROMA – £5.99 – expensive but brilliant. Hold up your iPad and see Rome around you. With lots of info and pictures, 3D models and “bubble viewers”.
Londinium streetmuseum – free – useful for finding your way around Roman London.
THoR (The History of Rome) – £1.49 – listen to podcasts taking you through the whole of Roman history.

Greek / Greece

Ancient Greek – £2.99 – Greek dictionary and reader. Recommended.
Vusiem for British Museum – free – excellent guide for when you’re at the British museum.
Jermaine Vases – great app which lets you spin some lovely vases around.
Odysseus : Long Way Home – £2.99 – great game where you steer Odysseus through the Trojan War and then home to Ithaca, solving puzzles on the way. A few divergences from Homer’s original, but a really good game.

Lower 6th Girton competition!

The annual Girton College Cambridge Humanities essay competition has been launched.

Produce a written response to one or more of the set objects – the maximum word count is 1,800 words (although there is no expectation of writing that much, especially for creative writing).

You can produce an essay, a poem, a short story… Anything, apparently.

See the poster with the set objects here.

You can see a more in-depth description of the six objects here.

Competition Rules

• The word limit is 1800 words (though creative writing in particular may be shorter). Include a word count, and a list of references if applicable.

• Submissions must relate to one or more of the Lawrence Room objects.

• Submissions should be typed in English in a standard font, lines 1.5 spaced, and every page should be marked with the entrant’s name.

• Submissions are to be posted to: Schools Liaison Assistant, Girton College, Cambridge, CB3 0JG with a completed cover sheet.

Download the cover sheet.

Teachers must sign the cover sheet to certify that the submission is the entrant’s own work and does not replicate anything submitted for examination.

Closing date
The closing date for entries is 15th March 2013.

Send me an e-mail or see me in school for more details or help.

You can also read the competition web page here, or see last year’s competition report here.

Mr K