Classical iPad apps

This is a list of Classical iPad apps which I own. They are all good – some of the, excellent – but some of them are more expensive than others. In most of these cases, however, you get what you pay for.

These are only the ones I have found so far, and I would be delighted to know about any good apps I have missed. Do post a reply with more suggestions, please.

Latin / Rome
SPQR – £3.99 – Latin dictionary and reader. Recommended.
Latin – 69p – a fun game where you make Latin words out of letter combinations.
Latin match – 69p – quick-fire game. Press the everyday Latin word against the clock!
Latin builder – 69p – match the Latin word to its translation to make a sentence.
Virtual History : ROMA – £5.99 – expensive but brilliant. Hold up your iPad and see Rome around you. With lots of info and pictures, 3D models and “bubble viewers”.
Londinium streetmuseum – free – useful for finding your way around Roman London.
THoR (The History of Rome) – £1.49 – listen to podcasts taking you through the whole of Roman history.

Greek / Greece

Ancient Greek – £2.99 – Greek dictionary and reader. Recommended.
Vusiem for British Museum – free – excellent guide for when you’re at the British museum.
Jermaine Vases – great app which lets you spin some lovely vases around.
Odysseus : Long Way Home – £2.99 – great game where you steer Odysseus through the Trojan War and then home to Ithaca, solving puzzles on the way. A few divergences from Homer’s original, but a really good game.

One thought on “Classical iPad apps

  1. Hi there,

    There is a free app version of the online dictionary Whitakers Words. I use it sometimes on my android phone to check things when I’m tweeting in Latin! Not having tried any others, I don’t know how it compares, but its pretty good for free!


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