Where to go in Sicily on a Classics tour

Ok so here is a list of things to do in Sicily if you’re in to classical sites. Especially for Naomi.
Starting in the west and going to the East.

1. Segesta (not always on itineraries, but amazing. Stupendous unfinished temple and amazing views from the theatre of the valley below).
2. Selinunte – some great temples, although if I had a choice, I would go to Segesta first.
3. Erice, on the coast. Amazing setting, and a lovely place.
4. (Monreale, near Palermo – non-classical, but a really nice place)
5. Agrigento – an absolute must. The “valley” of the temples, plus various other things. Really stunning, although probably full of tourists, depending on when you go.
6. Piazza Armerina – amazing late Roman mosaics.
7. Taormina – the theatre is astonishing, and has a view unparalleled.
8. Syracuse – really important location for all sorts of things like Thucydides etc. Definitely worth a visit.
9. Etna – again, non-classical, and may be inaccessible if it’s erupting at the time, which it does quite often!
10. A little hill-top town with a great coffee shop for the best espresso in the world… We went to Enna, but I’m sure there are plenty of others.

I have probably missed out all sorts of exciting places, and I will post more if I remember.