Virgil on Twitter

(with apologies to Virgil, Book IV)

…Twitter, the swiftest of all evil things, Twitter that feeds on movement, gathering strength as she goes. Small and nervous at first, she soon sprouts up into the air, and while still treading the earth carries her head cloud-high. She was the last of the children of Earth… swift on her feets and wings, a terrifying monster. Incredible as it may sound, every feather on her body has a snooping eye beneath it, and a whispering mouth and tongue, and an ear ready to eavesdrop. At night she flies through the dark, wings whirring, midway between earth and sky, never closing her eyes in sweet sleep. By day, like a look-out, she perches on the roof of a house or high tower, intimidating great cities, for she’s as ready to spread warped lies as to blurt out the truth.


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