Athens Day 4

The final day of our trip to Greece.
After a stroll on the beach in the morning sunshine…
We headed off to Argos, where none of the students would believe me when I said that the politicians in ancient Argos used to choose new laws from a laminated catalogue, fill them in on small slips of paper using tiny blue pens, and then take them to the law counter for the laws to be enacted…
There is a lovely theatre there. It was deserted when we were there, so I performed a passage from Book One of the Iliad.
Next we went to Corinth and looked around the site there.
Lunch was by the Corinth canal…
And finally we went to Eleusis. We arrived at 2:40, but unfortunately most of the wonders of the site will have to remain a mystery, as it closed at 3:00, so we dashed around and got back to the coach for the trip to the airport.
A wonderful four days. Many thanks especially to Hellene Travel, who were outstanding, as were the company they work with in Greece, Amoratis.

Athens Day 3

You know the students are enjoying the sites on a trip when they remain cheerful and positive despite heavy rain. That’s been today. Isthmus of Corinth in the rain…
Epidauros theatre in the rain…
A video of us applauding a man who sang operatically in the theatre at Epidauros, in the rain.
A much-needed tasty lunch followed by a gap in the rain for our visit to the site of Epidauros, including a race in the stadium (I came 5th, which, considering that I am 20 years older than anyone else, I thought was not bad).
Now off to our new hotel at Tolo for rest, dinner and Greek dancing! Tomorrow is Corinth, Argos and Eleusis (and then home!)
I thought I would finish today’s blog with a picture of a sculpture of some ears. This was in the museum at Epidauros.


Athens Day 2

A lovely day wandering around Athens. After a great breakfast at the hotel, we headed off to the Theatre of Dionysus, where we discussed Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides…
Next on to the Acropolis, and all its world-famous treats…
Then up on to the Areopagus and then down to the Agora, including the impressive Temple of Hephaestus…
Next off for a moussaka lunch, and then the Pnyx and the Acropolis Museum in the afternoon…
Finally back to the hotel for dinner, which was very good, and then the Karagiozis Shadow Puppet Theatre after dinner.
What a day! We had some rain, but not very much, and the students seemed to enjoy themselves. Some even spontaneously acted out a scene from Aristophanes on the Pnyx!
Epidavros tomorrow!

Athens Day 1

So here we are in Athens, and so far, what a thoroughly enjoyable time. The students have been great company, the places we have been have been great (Terminal 5 at Heathrow is one of the better places to fly from) and the journeys have been easy.

After getting into Athens in the late afternoon, we headed south to Kato Sounio (Sounion) and had a dinner of kebab and chips, with Greek salad and halva (not all together) in this place: the Ilias taverna. It had a view of the temple of Poseidon. All pictured below…




And then to the hotel, the Ilissos in Athens, and wow, a very nice hotel indeed! And from the roof garden, what a view! This picture may not come out too well but is great in real life (it’s the Parthenon, in case anyone doesn’t recognise it).


A voyage to Athens

On Monday, 27th October 2014, Bristol Grammar School goes to Greece. The trip has been co-ordinated by the brilliant Hellene Travel, and we are taking 18 students from age 15-18.
I will try to keep this blog updated while we’re out there…
Here is the itinerary.
Monday evening: meal in the taverna Ilias (or Elias?) near the temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.
Then off to our hotel: Ilissos hotel, Athens.

Set off early into Athens.
First to the Theatre of Dionysus
Then the Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Next to the Acropolis
Then the Agora and museum
Next lunch in Plaka
The Pnyx in the afternoon
And then the New Acropolis Museum
Finally back to the hotel for an evening meal and then…
Karagiozis Shadow Puppet Theatre

Head off in the morning for Corinth and visit the Corinth Canal
Then off to Palea Epidavros
Lunch in Palea Epidavros
Next visiting the theatre, site and museum at Epidavros
And off to our next hotel, Minoa in Tolo.
After the evening meal, time for some Greek dancing!

Off to Argos and its theatre
Then Corinth, and the site, museum and theatre
Corinth canal
Then off to Eleusis and the Telesterion
And off to the airport for an evening flight…