Athens Day 4

The final day of our trip to Greece.
After a stroll on the beach in the morning sunshine…
We headed off to Argos, where none of the students would believe me when I said that the politicians in ancient Argos used to choose new laws from a laminated catalogue, fill them in on small slips of paper using tiny blue pens, and then take them to the law counter for the laws to be enacted…
There is a lovely theatre there. It was deserted when we were there, so I performed a passage from Book One of the Iliad.
Next we went to Corinth and looked around the site there.
Lunch was by the Corinth canal…
And finally we went to Eleusis. We arrived at 2:40, but unfortunately most of the wonders of the site will have to remain a mystery, as it closed at 3:00, so we dashed around and got back to the coach for the trip to the airport.
A wonderful four days. Many thanks especially to Hellene Travel, who were outstanding, as were the company they work with in Greece, Amoratis.


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