Coming soon: BGS Classics

As we look forward to the New Year, I thought I would share some of our plans at Bristol Grammar School for Classics in 2015…
Circus Maximus: January should see the first publication of our Classics magazine Circus Maximus (and hopefully also the junior version ‘Circus Minimus’! This has been run on Friday lunchtimes by Miss Cox and the Classics scholars…
Classics Reading Competition: this is always a great event, and is gaining in popularity. There are three categories: Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation, and various different levels, plus the fun Year 7 Latin duologue. We are hoping to enter students for the ARLT national Latin Reading Competition again this year, having missed it last year!
Junior Italy Tour: we are going to Pompeii, Vesuvius and the other treats of the area in May half-term this year, and it’s as popular as ever amongst Year 7s. We are using the brilliant Hellene Travel for this trip for the first time.
CICERO competition: the annual Sixth Form Latin and cultural competition will once again be happening in March (21st in the UK). Bristol Grammar School and a few other schools around the UK will be representing their country. I am running the UK section of the competition for the first time this year, having taken over from the brilliant Helen Chambers. For more details go to the CICERO website.
Cirencester and Chedworth: all Year 9 Class Civ students go to Corinium museum in Cirencester, and Chedworth Roman Villa in the summer, and base a Roman Britain project around it.
Hadrian’s Wall: I am taking two weeks off to do a ‘mini-sabbatical’ walking along Hadrian’s Wall from East to West in June, hoping to make some exciting videos and Skype students in lessons back in Bristol! I will be keeping this blog updated throughout the trip!
Serbia: this year we are working with schools in Spain and Serbia to try to run a European Heritage week in Serbia in July. If we get the European grant to do this, it will involve spending a week in Serbia making a film about our European cultural and linguistic heritage, and visiting Roman sites in Serbia.
Athens 2015: we are hoping to run our second annual trip to Greece for students in Year 11 and the Sixth Form – this time Athens and Delphi will be our focus. Again, we are using Hellene Travel, who have been excellent.
Bath: our annual Year 9 Latin trip to Bath is planned for November 2015.
Other exciting things are happening, of course… We have two prospective Oxbridge Classicists in the Lower 6th, and one of those is hoping to do a fantastic Extended Project involving composing a Latin speech to present to the Mayor of Bristol! More news coming on that…! I would also like to do a full day’s performance of Homer’s Odyssey, from start to finish (in English translation) at some stage…

Greek Vocab in Euripides Plays


Here is a play-by-play list of the most common nouns, adjectives and verbs used by Euripides. I have also included some words which are not necessarily the most common, but are less likely to be known, although they appear regularly. I have not repeated words, so the list gets harder and harder as it goes on down…
I have used Perseus to compile this list:


1. γυνή (woman)
2. θνήσκω (I die)
3. παῖς (child)
4. κακός (bad)
5. ἀνήρ (man)
6. χείρ (hand)
7. πατήρ (father)
8. ἄλλος (other)
9. πολύς (much)
10. ἔρχομαι (I go)
+ χθών (land)
+ βλώσκω (I go)
+ δάμαρ (wife)
+ φθίω (I perish)
+ ἀναλάζομαι (I take again)


1. κτείνω (I kill)
2. πόλις (city)
3. οἶκος (house)
4. τέκνον (child)
5. ἐθέλω (I wish)
6. γέρων (old man)
7. μέγας (big)
8. τίκτω (I give birth)
9. δόμος (house)
10. μής (month)
+ λέχος (bed)
+ πόσις (husband)
+ πόσις (drink)
+ γαμέω (I marry)
+ λογόω (I introduce)


1. μήτηρ (mother)
2. ὁράω (I see)
3. Βακχάω (I rave)
4. σοφός (skilled, wise)
5. λαμβάνω (I take)
6. ἐμέω (I vomit)
7. σῶμα (body)
8. δαίμων (god)
9. πούς (foot)
10. θηράω (I hunt)
+ πηρός (maimed)
+ χορεύω (I dance around)
+ κλύω (I hear)
+ ἠμί (I say)
+ στείχω (I go)


1. ἄντρον (cave)
2. πίνω (I drink)
3. μόνος (alone)
4. ἀπόλλυμι (I destroy utterly, kill)
5. πέτρα (rock)
6. χαίρω (I rejoice)
7. ἀσκός (skin, hide)
8. κῶμος (merry-making)
9. ξένος (guest-friend / stranger)
10. γῆ (land)
+ ὄμμα (eye)
+ ὀφθαλμός (eye)
+ ἀνόσιος (unholy)
+ ὄψις (sight)
+ γνάθος (jaw)


1. δομόω (I provide with lodging)
2. κασίγνητος (brother)
3. φίλος (beloved)
4. σύγγονος (natural, born-together)
5. τάλας (suffering, wretched)
6. φόνος (murder)
7. φονός (murderer)
8. χράω (I proclaim)
9. πέπλος (cloth, dress)
10. πίπτω (I fall)
+ φίλτατος (nearest and dearest)
+ γάμος (wedding, marriage)
+ δίκη (justice, custom, usage)
+ δμώς (slave taken in war)
+ ἀδελφός (brother)


1. τυγχάνω (I happen to be)
2. τίθημι (I set, put, place)
3. πράσσω (I do)
4. στρατός (army)
5. δύστηνος (unhappy)
6. τύμβος (tomb)
7. κρύπτω (I hide)
8. χρυσός (gold)
9. σημαίνω (I show by a sign, point out)
10. αἰσχρός (causing shame)
+ γόνυ (knee)
+ σώζω (I save)
+ δύναμαι (I am able)
+ τλήμων (patient, wretched)
+ ἐσθλός (good)


1. λόγος (reasoning etc.)
2. δάκρυον (tear)
3. ναῦς (ship)
4. φεύγω (I flee)
5. λείπω (I leave)
6. ἐάω (I suffer, permit)
7. πόνος (work, suffering)
8. λέκτρον (couch, bed)
9. σαφής (clear)
10. βάρβαρος (barbarous)
+ χάω (I swallow up)
+ ἄθλιος (wretched, miserable)
+ ὀνομάζω (I call, name)
+ οἶδμα (swelling)
+ αἰθήρ (air, heaven)


1. δίκαιος (just, observant of custom)
2. ἥκω (I have come)
3. βούλομαι (I wish, am willing)
4. ἱκέτης (suppliant)
5. ἀφικνέομαι (I arrive)
6. ἐλεύθερος (free)
7. πάρειμι (I am present)
8. μέλλω (I am about to, am destined to)
9. δέω (I bind, tie)
10. δέω (I lack, need)
+ δόρυ (tree, spear)
+ κῆρυξ (herald)
+ νομίζω (I consider)
+ πρόθυμος (eager)
+ ἄναξ (lord, master)


1. τεκνόω (I furnish)
2. πρέσβυς (old man)
3. φάος (light)
4. τόξον (bow)
5. ἐλπίς (hope, expectation)
6. χρόνος (time)
7. καλλίνικος (gloriously triumphant)
8. καλέω (I call, summon)
9. ἀμύνω (I keep off, ward off)
10. δέρκομαι (I see clearly)
+ καίνω (I kill, slay)
+ στενάζω (I sigh deeply, groan)
+ ἔνερθε (from beneath)
+ μέλαθρον (roof, house)
+ Ἄνακες (the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux)


1. δέσποινα (mistress, lady of the house)
2. βίοτος (life)
3. σεμνός (holy)
4. σώφρων (of sound mind)
5. γνώμη (means of knowing)
6. στόμα (mouth)
7. σιγάω (I keep silence)
8. νοσέω (I am sick)
9. σφάλλω (I overthrow)
10. συμφορά (misfortune)
+ φρενόω (I instruct, inform)
+ πόντιος (of the sea)
+ ἁγνός (holy)
+ πη (somewhere, anywhere)
+ πῆ (in what way?, how?)


1. θεάω (I admire)
2. λάθρῃ (secretly)
3. τρέφω (I nourish)
4. θνητός (mortal)
5. βωμός (altar)
6. κοινός (shared, common)
7. παρθένος (maiden, girl)
8. νεανίης (young man)
9. βρέφος (foetus)
10. ἄτεκνος (childless)
+ ἀγκάλη (arm)
+ ναός (temple)
+ συνάπτω (I join together)
+ μάντευμα (oracle)
+ σπεύδω (I urge on, haste)

Iphigenia in Aulis

1. οἶδα (I know)
2. κόρη (girl)
3. αἰδέομαι (I am ashamed)
4. θύω (I sacrifice)
5. θύω (I rage, seethe)
6. πῆρος (loss of strength)
7. δεινός (fearful, terrible)
8. μῦθος (word, speech)
9. δείκνυμι (I show)
10. νόστος (return home)
+ θέσφατος (spoken by God)
+ πονηρός (poor, oppressed by toils)
+ ἄλοχος (wife)
+ ὄχλος (crowd)
+ χέρνιψ (water for washing the hands)

Copyright Tate / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Iphigenia in Tauris

1. ἄγαλμα (glory)
2. βρέτας (wooden image)
3. πόντος (sea)
4. ἡδονή (pleasure)
5. χάρις (grace)
6. ἄπιστος (not to be trusted)
7. δέλτος (writing tablet)
8. καθαρός (clean)
9. θάλασσα (sea)
10. σωτηρία (deliverance, preservation)
+ οἶκτος (pity, compassion)
+ ὄνειρος (dream)
+ μέλω (I am an object of care)
+ κλύδων (wave)
+ χόω (I throw)


1. τύραννος (absolute ruler, king)
2. ἐχθρός (hated, hateful)
3. νύμφη (young wife, bride)
4. ταχύς (swift)
5. καινός (new, fresh)
6. ἔπος (word)
7. στρέφω (I turn)
8. ἐργάζομαι (I work)
9. χόλος (bile)
10. δυσμενής (hostile)
+ κόσμος (order)
+ μῶμαι (I seek after, covet)
+ κρείσσων (stronger, mightier)
+ ἀνάγκη (force, constraint, necessity)
+ λυπέω (I grieve)


1. ξίφος (sword)
2. αἷμα (blood)
3. φάσγανον (sword)
4. ὁδός (way, road)
5. τίνω (I pay the price)
6. θάνατος (death)
7. ψῆφος (pebble, vote)
8. ἔνδικος (justifiable)
9. αἱμάς (stream of blood)
10. μισέω (I hate)
+ δέμνιον (bed)
+ μαλλός (flock of wool)
+ ἑλίσσω (I roll)
+ τιμωρέω (I exact vengeance)
+ φρήν (midriff, heart)


1. ἀσπίς (shield)
2. τεῖχος (wall)
3. φυγάς (fugitive)
4. πύργος (tower)
5. σκῆπτρον (staff)
6. πορθέω (I destroy)
7. λεύσσω (I look)
8. φόνιος (bloody)
9. ὅπλον (tool, weapon)
10. ἐξελαύνω (I drive out)
+ δισσός (double)
+ προσπίτνω (I fall upon)
+ ἄστρον (the stars)
+ στέρνον (chest)
+ γένυς (jaw)


1. σύμμαχος (ally)
2. φόβος (fear, panic, flight)
3. τάσσω (I draw up)
4. ἵππος (horse)
5. πελάζω (I approach)
6. κατάσκοπος (spy)
7. ναύσταθμον (harbour)
8. πορεύω (I carry, convey)
9. κινέω (I set in motion)
10. πῶλος (foal)
+ θρασύς (bold)
+ πέρθω (I waste, ravage, sack)
+ φροῦδος (gone away)
+ πωλικός (of foals)
+ μέμφομαι (I blame)


1. νεκρόω (I make dead, kill)
2. γόος (weeping, wailing)
3. ὑβρίζω (I wax wanton, run riot)
4. λαμπρός (bright, radiant)
5. λαός (people)
6. κλεινός (famous)
7. μέρος (share, portion)
8. μέλος (limb)
9. πρῶτος (first)
10. πρότερος (before)
+ ἑπτάς (period of seven days)
+ ὅρκος (oath)
+ πικρός (sharp, bitter)
+ δορός (leather bag)
+ νέμω (I deal out, dispense)

Trojan Women

1. θάπτω (I bury)
2. μακάριος (blessed, happy)
3. ἔξεστι (it is possible)
4. ἕπομαι (I follow)
5. στέφανος (garland, that which surrounds)
6. δουλεύω (I am a slave)
7. αἰάζω (I cry out)
8. λάτρις (hired servant)
9. ζάθεος (sacred)
10. ῥίπτω (I throw)
+ ἔχις (snake)
+ φλόξ (flame)
+ ἴχνος (footstep)
+ γραῦς (old woman)
+ λυπρός (wretched)