Hadrian’s Wall: English Heritage pictures

I do not own these pictures, nor did I take them. To find out more, go to the excellent English Heritage, TWmuseums and visitcumbria websites. The order of these pictures is the order of my trip to Hadrian’s Wall, due to take place in June 2015.

Great North Museum

Arbeia Roman Fort

Segedunum Roman Fort

Benwell Roman Temple

Denton Hall Turret




Brunton Turret

Chesters Bridge Abutment

Chesters Roman Fort

Black Carts Turret

Temple of Mithras, Carrawburgh

Sewingshields Wall

Housesteads Roman Fort

Winshields Wall

Cawfields Roman Wall

Walltown Crags

Poltross Burn Milecastle

Willowford Wall

Harrows Scar Milecastle

Birdoswald Roman Fort

Leahill Turret

Pike Hill Signal Tower

Banks East Turret

Hare Hill

Lanercost Priory


Ravenglass Roman Bath House

Hardknott Roman Fort

Keener Classics on Hadrian’s Wall: June 2015

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This June I am going to visit Hadrian’s Wall. I will be tweeting my way along the Wall. The plan is to walk all the way along the wall, from SEGEDUNUM (Wallsend) to MAIA (Bowness-on-Solway). I have two weeks. I would very much appreciate advice and ideas from those who know the area well! At the end, I’m planning to visit some other significant parts of the Roman Empire in the North of England – advice on this too please!

Click here to see pictures from the English Heritage website of the places I plan to visit.
[link not yet added]

Monday 8 June

Train from London to Newcastle. Visit the Great North Museum.

Tuesday 9 June

ARBEIA Roman Fort (South Shields) [Twitter]
SEGEDUNUM Roman Fort (Wallsend) [Twitter]
Walk via CONDERCUM (Benwell) and Denton Hall Roman Turret (7B) to Newburn

Wednesday 10 June

Walk to Heddon-on-the-Wall [Twitter]
Walk via VINDOBALA (Rudchester) to ONNUM (Halton Chesters)

Thursday 11 June

Walk to CORSTOPITUM (Corbridge Roman Town)
Walk to Chollerford via Planetrees and Brunton Turret (26B)

Friday 12 June

Walk to CILURNUM (Chesters) via bridge abutment
Walk via Black Carts Turret (29A), BROCOLITIA (Carrawburgh), Coesike Turret (33B), Sewingshields and VERCOVICIUM (Housesteads) to Twice Brewed [Twitter]

Saturday 13 June

Walk to VINDOLANDA (Chesterholm) [Twitter]

Sunday 14 June

Walk via Winshields, Cawfields and AESICA (Great Chesters) and Walltown Crags to MAGNIS (Carvoran)
Walk to Lanercost via Poltross Burn, Willowford, Harrows Scar, BANNA (Birdoswald), Lea Hill and Piper Sike, Pike Hill Signal Tower, Banks East (52A) and Hare Hill.

Monday 15 June

Walk via CAMBOGLANNA (Castlesteads) to UXELODUNUM (Stanwix) and LUGUVALIUM (Carlisle).
Tullie House Museum [Twitter]

Tuesday 16 June

Walk via ABALLAVA (Burgh-by-Sands) and CONCAVATA (Drumburgh) to MAIA (Bowness-on-Solway).

Wednesday 17 June

Train to Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport [Twitter]
Then back to Carlisle

Thursday 18 June

Train to Ravenglass [Twitter]
Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway to Boot [Twitter]
Walk to Hardknott Roman Fort
Walk back to Boot

Friday 19 June

Back to Ravenglass
Train to Carlisle
Train to Crewe
Visit Chester [Twitter]

Saturday 20 June

Train back home to Bristol

Odyssey Reading Event at Bristol Grammar School

Friday, 24th April 2015

Click here to volunteer to read

Bristol Grammar School’s Great Hall will be transformed into the scene of a Homeric epic performance, as about two hundred students, teachers, ex-students, parents, university staff and students, support staff and many others join together to read 60 lines each. All in all, it will last over 15 hours, and the whole of the Odyssey (in English) will unfold in front of the school as a normal school day takes place around a full reading, from Book 1 to Book 24. It starts at 6:30am and is expected to finish at about 9:50pm.

Here is a list of who’s reading what, when – I will try to keep it updated when I can! Gaps indicate times when we haven’t yet got a reader (I’m working on it!)

Book 1: 6:30am – 7:04am

  1. Andy Keen (Head of Classics, BGS)
  2. Emily Taylor, Old Bristolian and former Head of School (left 2004)
  3. Dan Watkins (BGS Head of Year 7 and Classics teacher)
  4. Year 11 Latin and Greek student
  5. Rupert Clements (parent)
  6. Lower 6th student
  7. Year 10 Class Civ student

Book 2: 7:04am – 7:37am

  1. Alison Pavier (parent)
  2. Paul Roberts (BGS Deputy Head)
  3. Ben Scott (BGS Head of House and PE and Games teacher)
  4. Andrew Tinker & Grace Lissenden (Bristol University Students)
  5. Aruna Gunawardana (BGS Philosophy, Religion and Ethics teacher and former Head of House and Assistant Head)
  6. Luke Goodman (BGS Geography Teacher and Head of House)
  7. Matt Bennett (BGS Deputy Head, Biology Teacher and former GCSE Greek student)

Book 3: 7:37am – 8:15am

  1. Emma Cox (BGS Classics teacher)
  2. Roland Clare (BGS Chronicle editor and former English teacher)
  3. Peter Clare (Old Bristolian)
  4. Year 6 student
  5. Linda Clare (Roland’s wife and Peter’s mum)
  6. Ellice Dow (BGS History teacher and Old Bristolian)
  7. Sarah Johnson (BGS Head of PE; also maybe her two boys will read a line or two!)
  8. Louise Sampson (BGS PE and Games teacher)

Book 4: 8:15am – 9:19am

  1. Eleanor Carter-Esdale (Bristol University Student)
  2. Matt Bennett (BGS Deputy Head) (again)
  3. Ben Fellows (BGS Maths teacher)
  4. Alice Glover (Bristol University Student)
  5. Ben Tavener (BGS Facilities manager)
  6. Kate Maddock (BGS English teacher)
  7. Jooles Whitehead (BGS English teacher)
  8. Alison Denny (BGS Learning Support teacher)
  9. Richard Osmond (BGS Director of Music)
  10. Brigid Carr (BGS Examinations Invigilator and wife of Mr Carr, Maths teacher)
  11. Upper 6th Latin, Greek and Class Civ student
  12. Year 7 student
  13. Year 7 student
  14. Year 7 student

Book 5: 9:19am – 9:57am

  1. Gavin King (BGS Classics teacher)
  2. Year 7 student
  3. Year 7 student
  4. Year 7 student
  5. Year 7 student
  6. Lower 6th Latin and Greek student
  7. Lower 6th Latin student
  8. Lower 6th Latin student

Book 6: 9:57am – 10:23am

  1. Lower 6th Latin student
  2. Year 11 Class Civ student
  3. Year 11 Class Civ student
  4. Year 11 Class Civ student
  5. Year 11 Class Civ student

Book 7: 10:23am – 10:50am

  1. Year 7 student
  2. Andrew Jamison (BGS English teacher)
  3. Year 7 student
  4. Year 7 student
  5. Lois Ray (BGS Classics teacher)

Book 8: 10:50am – 11:35am

  1. Alice Forty (Old Bristolian)
  2. Fran Ripley (BGS Deputy Head)
  3. Lower 6th student in Dr Massey’s form group
  4. Lower 6th student in Dr Massey’s form group
  5. Lower 6th student in Dr Massey’s form group
  6. Lower 6th student in Dr Massey’s form group
  7. Lower 6th student in Dr Massey’s form group
  8. Robert Massey (BGS History teacher and Leader of the Scholars)
  9. Year 9 student

Book 9: 11:35am – 12:19pm

  1. Year 9 student
  2. Upper 6th Greek student
  3. Lower 6th Class Civ student
  4. Year 9 student
  5. Year 9 student
  6. Year 9 student
  7. Lower 6th Greek student
  8. Lower 6th Latin and Greek student
  9. Upper 6th Latin student

Book 10: 12:19pm – 1:02pm

  1. Roderick MacKinnon (BGS Headmaster)
  2. Dan Watkins (BGS Classics teacher) (again)
  3. Year 9 student
  4. Year 9 student
  5. Year 9 student
  6. Year 9 student
  7. Year 6 student
  8. Year 5 student
  9. Year 8 student

Book 11: 1:02pm – 1:50pm

  1. Year 8 student
  2. Year 8 student
  3. Year 8 student
  4. Upper 6th Latin student
  5. Upper 6th Latin, Greek and Class Civ student
  6. Nic Diamond (BGS Biology teacher and Head of House)
  7. Sue Poole (BGS Head of Maths)
  8. Emma Cox (BGS Classics teacher)
  9. Year 8 student
  10. Year 11 Greek and Latin student

Book 12: 1:50pm – 2:25pm

  1. Year 9 Latin and Class Civ student
  2. Year 10 Class Civ student
  3. Year 10 Class Civ student
  4. Year 10 Class Civ student
  5. Year 10 Class Civ student
  6. Year 10 Class Civ student
  7. Year 10 Class Civ student

Book 13: 2:25pm – 2:58pm

  1. Year 9 student
  2. Year 11 Latin student
  3. Year 11 Latin student
  4. Year 9 Latin and Greek student
  5. Dan Stone (BGS Chemistry teacher and Assistant Head)
  6. Amy Stuart (Old Bristolian and Tours Assistant)
  7. David Briggs (BGS Head of English)

Book 14: 2:58pm – 3:39pm

  1. Eva Yemenakis (BGS English teacher)
  2. Upper 6th Latin, Greek and Class Civ student
  3. Upper 6th Class Civ student
  4. Upper 6th Class Civ student
  5. Colin Wadey (BGS Philosophy, Religion and Ethics teacher)
  6. Alison Cannon (BGS Music Assistant)
  7. Harriet Potter (BGS parent)
  8. Amanda Dutch (BGS Science Technician) + St Mary Redcliffe school student
  9. Lucille Osafo (BGS Librarian)

Book 15: 3:39pm – 4:21pm

  1. Two St Mary Redcliffe school students
  2. Alex Goodland (BGS Head of Year 8 and Biology teacher)
  3. Susannah Hunt (Bristol University Student)
  4. Esther Crawley (BGS parent)
  5. Cath Smyk (BGS parent)
  6. Graham Iwi (BGS Maths teacher and stats guru)
  7. Amy Cotter (Bristol University Student)
  8. Paul Bennett (Old Bristolian)
  9. Richard Smith (BGS Head of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics)

Book 16: 4:21pm – 4:57pm

  1. Steve Carruthers (BGS Physics teacher)
  2. Veryan Rookes (BGS Junior School Assistant Head)
  3. Nicky McKenzie (Bristol University Student)
  4. John Carr (BGS Maths teacher and D of E co-ordinator)
  5. Andrew Short (BGS Geography teacher)
  6. Bethan Baldry (Bristol University Student)
  7. Gill Cowen (BGS parent)
  8. Luke Addison (Old Bristolian)

Book 17: 4:57pm – 5:43pm

  1. Jenni King (BGS Junior School teacher)
  2. Redland High School Sixth Form student
  3. Redland High School Sixth Form student
  4. Sally Knights (Head of Classics at Redland High School)
  5. Tom Geue (University of Bristol Teaching Fellow)
  6. Genevieve Liveley (University of Bristol Classics Senior Lecturer)
  7. Year 11 Greek student
  8. Year 11 Greek student
  9. Year 11 Greek student
  10. Year 7 student

Book 18: 5:43pm – 6:16pm

  1. Susan McMillan (BGS parent)
  2. Anne Bradley (BGS Archivist)
  3. Kate Darnton (BGS parent)
  4. Year 7 student
  5. Andrew Darnton (BGS parent)
  6. Year 5 student
  7. Phillip Darnton (BGS grandparent)

Book 19: 6:16pm – 7:00pm

  1. Charles Ward (BGS grandparent)
  2. Jonathan Jones (former BGS Classics teacher)
  3. Lesley Holman (Shaun Holman’s wife)
  4. Year 11 student
  5. Andrew Ball (Old Bristolian)
  6. Catherine Ball (BGS Junior School Recruitment Officer)
  7. Sarah Cole (Old Bristolian)
  8. Helena Zaba (Old Bristolian)
  9. Helen Mutter (Bristol University Student)
  10. Upper 6th student

Book 20: 7:00pm – 7:31pm

  1. Gabbi Lambert (BGS parent)
  2. Year 11 Latin student
  3. Upper 6th student
  4. Lower 6th Latin student

Book 21: 7:31pm – 8:04pm

  1. Kate Jones (BGS Maths teacher and Assistant Head)
  2. Alan Geal (BGS grandparent)
  3. Annette Hardy (BGS parent)
  4. Year 11 Greek student
  5. Year 11 Greek student
  6. Year 11 Greek student
  7. Year 11 Greek student

Book 22: 8:04pm – 8:42pm

  1. Chris Preston (Old Bristolian)
  2. Peter Jakobek (BGS Art teacher, Assistant Head and former Head of House)
  3. Elizabeth Rothwell (Head of Classics, St Mary’s Calne)
  4. St Mary’s Calne student
  5. St Mary’s Calne student
  6. St Mary’s Calne student
  7. Lucy Weeden (Classics teacher, St Mary’s Calne)
  8. Richard Rossington (BGS parent)

Book 23: 8:42pm – 9:10pm

  1. Zoe Green (Old Bristolian)

Book 24: 9:10pm – 9:52pm (approximately)

  1. Andy Keen (BGS Head of Classics)
  2. Charlie Warren (Bristol University Student)
  3. Grace Whittingham (Bristol University Student)
  4. Rob Gleave (Bristol University Student)
  5. Ian Jackson (OB and Head of Classics, Downside School)
  6. Lower 6th student
  7. Jon Shaw (BGS parent)
  8. Jon Shaw (BGS parent)
  9. Doug Dunn (Old Bristolian)