Keener Classics on Hadrian’s Wall: June 2015

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This June I am going to visit Hadrian’s Wall. I will be tweeting my way along the Wall. The plan is to walk all the way along the wall, from SEGEDUNUM (Wallsend) to MAIA (Bowness-on-Solway). I have two weeks. I would very much appreciate advice and ideas from those who know the area well! At the end, I’m planning to visit some other significant parts of the Roman Empire in the North of England – advice on this too please!

Click here to see pictures from the English Heritage website of the places I plan to visit.
[link not yet added]

Monday 8 June

Train from London to Newcastle. Visit the Great North Museum.

Tuesday 9 June

ARBEIA Roman Fort (South Shields) [Twitter]
SEGEDUNUM Roman Fort (Wallsend) [Twitter]
Walk via CONDERCUM (Benwell) and Denton Hall Roman Turret (7B) to Newburn

Wednesday 10 June

Walk to Heddon-on-the-Wall [Twitter]
Walk via VINDOBALA (Rudchester) to ONNUM (Halton Chesters)

Thursday 11 June

Walk to CORSTOPITUM (Corbridge Roman Town)
Walk to Chollerford via Planetrees and Brunton Turret (26B)

Friday 12 June

Walk to CILURNUM (Chesters) via bridge abutment
Walk via Black Carts Turret (29A), BROCOLITIA (Carrawburgh), Coesike Turret (33B), Sewingshields and VERCOVICIUM (Housesteads) to Twice Brewed [Twitter]

Saturday 13 June

Walk to VINDOLANDA (Chesterholm) [Twitter]

Sunday 14 June

Walk via Winshields, Cawfields and AESICA (Great Chesters) and Walltown Crags to MAGNIS (Carvoran)
Walk to Lanercost via Poltross Burn, Willowford, Harrows Scar, BANNA (Birdoswald), Lea Hill and Piper Sike, Pike Hill Signal Tower, Banks East (52A) and Hare Hill.

Monday 15 June

Walk via CAMBOGLANNA (Castlesteads) to UXELODUNUM (Stanwix) and LUGUVALIUM (Carlisle).
Tullie House Museum [Twitter]

Tuesday 16 June

Walk via ABALLAVA (Burgh-by-Sands) and CONCAVATA (Drumburgh) to MAIA (Bowness-on-Solway).

Wednesday 17 June

Train to Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport [Twitter]
Then back to Carlisle

Thursday 18 June

Train to Ravenglass [Twitter]
Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway to Boot [Twitter]
Walk to Hardknott Roman Fort
Walk back to Boot

Friday 19 June

Back to Ravenglass
Train to Carlisle
Train to Crewe
Visit Chester [Twitter]

Saturday 20 June

Train back home to Bristol

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