Day 2: Milecastles 1-10

Blisters. All comes from walking on pavements.

It’s been an amazing day. Very warm, and I’m at the Keelman in Newburn.

I have already posted about Arbeia, which I really enjoyed. I then walked to the ferry and popped across to North Shields, before getting the Metro to Wallsend and Segedunum Fort.

There’s not much of the fort left, to be honest, but they have a remarkable high viewing gallery which really gives you a sense of the layout, and an impressive reconstructed bath house.

There is also a reconstructed section of the wall, which was good as for the rest of the day, I ended up mostly imagining the wall as I traced its line.

The walk through Newcastle (I followed the wall, using the guide made by @perlineamvalli, rather than the Hadrian’s Wall Pathway, as I really wanted to stay with the wall, and the little glimpses of it were great!)

Benwell Roman temple and vallum, and the various other treats, were nice to see virtually on my own, in incongruous urban and suburban locations!

Time for dinner and a pint now. Here are some pictures.


View from the ferry from South Shields to North Shields
 Latrines in Segedunum



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