Day 3: Heddon westwards

After a day plodding on city pavements, the turf under my boots felt glorious. And the weather and scenery were even more pleasant. It was an easy day, with only about 11 miles covered, and lots of stops for photos and the occasional tea room!

The only significant site was the extensive remnant wall at Heddon-on-the-Wall. Despite a group of people one of whom was clambering on the wall (tut tut!) it felt quiet and almost deserted. Having spent so much time imagining the wall under the road, and the milecastles’ locations rather than ruins, it was great to see a real stretch of the wall itself.

That round shape is a mediaeval oven by the way.

For the rest of the day, the most enjoyable thing was just looking around me at the flowers, fields, animals and buildings. The sheep and cows seemed utterly fascinated and confused by my passing, as if that was just something that didn’t happen. ‘What is that?!’ they were thinking.


So I arrived earlier than planned at a lovely B&B at Halton. Close to here is Onnum Roman Fort, little of which remains, apparently. Three miles south of here is the Roman site of Corbridge, and that’s my destination tomorrow. I shall also look forward to seeing another significant length of wall at Planetrees, and hopefully seeing the remains of a Roman bridge near Chesters.

The buildings here are my B&B for tonight.

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