Day 4: Corbridge detour and some big bits of WALL!

Today was the first day I moved past thinking “OH! There’s a tiny bit of Hadrian’s Wall on the ground. I think. Well it’s the location of one, apparently.” and finally got to see the real thing.

The first thing to do (after a big breakfast at Halton Red House) was to walk AWAY FROM Hadrian’s Wall. It felt wrong, and every step downhill as I headed south was a step I knew I would have to retrace uphill.

But when I got to Corbridge Roman Town, I was very impressed, and not just because the kind people there filled up my water container. The museum is good, and the site is very interesting, partly because it was in use for so long, as a fort, and then a town. The granaries are great, there are columns and temples and an aqueduct and, well it was also warm and sunny (yet again!) so that helped.

I had to have an ice-cream, and then headed into Corbridge itself to pick up a sandwich lunch. I resolved not to stop and eat this before I had got half way up the hill back to the Wall, and I managed to find a nice little hideaway by the side of the road to munch lunch.

Back to the Wall, and not very far to go. Lovely scenery again, and those climb-up-and-over-steps stiles, and more people walking the Wall one way or the other than I’ve seen on the other days put together. Fields and woods and pathways… And a field full of curious cows again, but this time also a bull… my steps quickened… and got me to Planetrees Roman Wall. What a great location and a really interesting but of wall, not least because it’s so easy to see the change in gauge from narrow to broad.

Photos will follow when I get back home in a couple of weeks, because I forgot to take any today on iPad or phone. Still, trust me, it was great!

Then on to Brunton Turret (plus more real Wall!) and finally a detour to see the bridge abutment downstream from the modern bridge at Chollerford. On the path to see that, which is an 800m narrow barbed-wire-lined path between sheep fields, one lamb had squeezed under the fence right near the start, and was on the path, so I unwillingly chased it all the way along to the gate, where it nervously allowed me to pass.

And finally to my hotel in Chollerford which is right next to the modern bridge (the only photo I did actually manage to take on my phone!) and time to let my blisters get some air ahead of further walking tomorrow!

As you can see, it’s a lovely evening.


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