Day 7: Steel Rigg to Lanercost

My iPhone app tells me I walked over 19 miles today, which must be further than I have walked in a long time (if ever!) It was a lovely day, for so many reasons…

Firstly, I had two friends walking with me, Sim, whom I have known since I was 11, who has been travelling around the world for 18 months, and arrived back in the UK in March – he’s now living near Carlisle, so it seemed too good an opportunity to miss – and Eric, whom Sim and I know from university, who flew over from Stockholm to join us!

Secondly, it was drizzly and overcast. Having walked for five days in baking sunshine, it was nice to have a bit of cool rain, and it also fitted in a little better with the sort of weather I’d expected when I’d first started planning the walk over a year ago.

Thirdly, it was a really exciting walk, with plenty to keep us interested.

For some reason I forgot to take photos on my iPhone or iPad, and so I have lots on the camera, but am unable to upload them.

Walking along the top of crags looking out north through the mist was lovely, and the first few miles went along Peel Crags, Windshield Crags and Cawfield Crags.

Aesica Roman Fort at Great Chesters is always better than I think it’s going to be – I expect humps and bumps, and get humps, bumps and stones and gateways and a strong room and an altar! Result!

Then more crags (Walltown) and on to The Roman Army Museum, which was excellent. I’m not sure if I’ve been before (we always came in November, when it was closed) but I’m glad I stopped in this time. The video and all the displays are great!

Lots of turrets, milecastles, bridges and wall followed, and then a familiar place – Birdoswald, where we used to stay when we ran Year 9 Latin trips to the region. It was getting late, so we sped around looking at gateways, training halls and granaries before continuing on our way.

So shortly later we got to Lanercost, and I checked in at the excellent Lanercost B&B, a very plush and enjoyable way to end a long day!

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