Odyssey 2, 63-128 (Paul Roberts)

The second section of Book 2, at about ten past seven in the morning, and Paul Roberts, Bristol Grammar School Deputy Head, read sixty lines or so, in the Great Hall.

This section is the part where Penelope is said to be famously unpicking her tapestry work in a desperate attempt to prevent the suitors marrying her.

Listen to PRR reading this passage here on the Podomatic website.

Odyssey 2, 1-62 (Alison Pavier)

On to Book 2, at about five past seven in the morning, and Alison Pavier, parent of two Bristol Grammar School children, started us off.

This passage reminded me of what happens in the morning every time I get up…

“As soon as Dawn appeared, fresh and rosy-fingered, Odysseus’s son got up from his bed and put his clothes on. He slung a sharp sword from his shoulder, bound a stout pair of sandals on his glistening feet, and strode from his bedroom, looking like a god…”

Listen to Alison reading this passage here on the Podomatic website.