Odyssey 4, 481-537 (Richard Osmond)

Period 1 had started when Richard Osmond, Director of Music at BGS, stepped up to read this section of Book 4.

Richard has spent time in his beloved Canada over the summer. Every year, in addition to all the excellent teaching, and the plethora of fantastic concerts he organises and conducts, he also runs a Pop Medley, writing the orchestra and choral score and performing it with hundreds of children and adults at Colston Hall, Bristol.

Listen to Richard reading this passage here on the Podomatic website.

Odyssey 4, 296-350 (Kate Maddock)

It was still registration time when BGS English teacher Kate Maddock stepped up to read the next passage of Homer’s Odyssey.

Several students have said that Mrs Maddock was their favourite teacher at school, and they will enjoy listening to her clear and beautiful reading.

Click here to listen to Kate reading this passage on the Podomatic website.

Odyssey 4, 183-243 (Alice Glover)

Alice Glover, a Classics student at Bristol University, came to read the next section of Book 4. By this time school was just starting, at about 8:30am, and the students and staff were mostly at registration.

The catering staff were providing us with breakfast and coffee (if you listen carefully, you can hear the tea trolley arriving at one stage!)

Listen to Alice reading her passage here on the Podomatic website.