Athens 2015 Day 3

We set off from Tolo before 9, and headed straight for Epidavros, arriving before the rush. We sat in the theatre, and admired the view, the weather and the cats (dogs and cats are becoming a bit of a theme amongst the kids, who jump at the opportunity of stroking any they find…) 

Then the site of Epidavros, including a standard race in the stadium (I came second, which I was pleased with, although the student who won was definitely jogging by the end.) 

On to Mycenae, and the famous lion gate. We wandered around imagining we were Agamemnon and Clytemnestra or preferably Odysseus and Penelope, and marvelled that the tombs were so elaborate and enormous. 

Finally Nemea, and the stadium, the temple of Zeus and the athletes’ bath house, amongst other things to see. The weather had been warm all day, and it was time to sit in the bus for a bit, and take on water.

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