Keener’s Classical Crossword 2

11th April 2016 – another quick (mainly) Classical Crossword I made.

Crossword 11 April 2016

Across Down
1. Daughter of the god of the winds, who married the son of the morning star (7) 1. Titan god of endurance and astronomy (5)
8. Talented weaver who challenged Athena and was punished (7) 2. Island home of Tiberius for the last ten years of his principate (5)
9. Legendary Aeolian tribe whose home was in Thessaly; Ixion was one of them (7) 3. No longer in trouble; ex silvis (3,2,3,5)
10. Daughter of a Titan; a name borrowed by Shakespeare (7) 4. Christian festival first observed around the 2nd century AD (6)
11. rigidum, cadaver (5) 5. Borough in north east London, significant area of Roman occupation (7,6)
13. City in north east Spain, enlarged by Scipio, became capital of Hispania (9) 6. Indigenous faith of the Japanese people (6)
15. incredulitas (9) 7. Oldest daughter of Creon; town in Attica (6)
18. Great mythological Greek hunter (5) 12. Vehicle for hire, derived from mediaeval Latin for “charge” (4)
21. Ancient Roman goddess of war (7) 14. Last Julio-Claudian emperor (4)
22. Classics teacher, headmaster and now lecturer at New College Oxford, David (7) 15. Reduce the gold or silver in currency, as happened several times in Rome (6)
23. Fifth of twelve boroughs of Berlin (7) 16. Of the woodland – like a nymph maybe (6)
24. Small Jewish towns in Eastern Europe (7) 17. Son of Labyrinth creator (6)
19. Arctic peoples (5)
20. Fifth or seventh day of Roman month (5)

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