Jewels of Mykonos archaeological museum

Mykonos archaeological museum currently has a special exhibition of jewellery through the ages. These stretch from Early Cycladic to Mediaeval, but the ones that interested me most were the Early Cycladic, Late Bronze Age, Archic/Classical and Hellenistic.

Early Cycladic

There was a tiny phallus pendant, a beautifully-preserved silver pin, and this bracelet:

Also to note was a Middle Cycladic necklace with carnelian beads.

Late Bronze Age

Amongst quite a few bulls from this period was a lovely tiny pastel blue one. Also an impressive necklace made from triangular sea-shells shapes, 18 of gold and 4 of white glass.


There was an impressive pair of elongated gold ear-rings, which looked more like elaborate candelabra!


There were three things I particularly noticed – an Aphrodite with a black face, and a gold Aphrodite on a goat (both below) and a silver bracelet which reminded me strongly of one found in Pompeii, of helical shape, with two snakes’ heads on each end.

Aphrodite riding a goat. Hellenistic.
Aphrodite, with Eros on her shoulder.

Other objects include a bull, a vase depicting Achilles, someone holding a hare by its ears (not recommended), a woman preparing to get married, a sistrum used for Isis-worship, and an incredible wall-painting of a priestess from the 17th [sic] century BC. Pictures below. It’s a nice museum, and definitely worth the short climb up from the port rather than heading straight into Hora.


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