Naxos: Cycladic art and the Portara

I am on the island of Naxos for only one day – well, I say that, but I guess that’s what Ariadne thought. I don’t think I’ll get abandoned here, although there would be worse fates! Theseus, though – what an idiot. And there was the thing with the black sails too. Not the best.

The archaeological museum here lives up to its billing from the Lonely Planet as “a bit musty” but there is some good Cycladic art (see below) and an impressive mosaic outside.

Then there’s the Portara, the Naxians’ name for the temple to Some God Or Other, Probably Apollo. Or Maybe Dionysus. It is a remarkable monument, if only for its position, in a striking location up above the approach to the harbour. It had the sort of impact that they were looking for, I’m sure.

It’s hard to review Naxos, really, in a 24-hour whistle-stop visit, but it makes a very good impression. The fried courgettes at Maro’s Taverna (not Publius Vergilius Maro, I’m afraid) are great.

Fried courgettes, at Maro’s Tavern


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