Santorini: incredible location, dated museum

I suppose all museums are dated, to an extent (should that have been musea?) but the one in Fira, main town on Santorini, is particularly dated. (No, nobody really says musea. Museums was fine.) Here is a picture of their cabinets, looking like they were installed in 1910.

But inside the cabinets are some real treats. Lovely vases in particular…

The island of Santorini is quite something – a backwards C in shape, with various bits dotted around, basically forming an old crater, which is exactly how I believe it was formed. The views from the top are stunning…

And I am in a Guest House down around the bottom curl of the backwards C, which is a lovely place called The Fisherman’s House. It is very close to the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, which is sometimes called the Minoan Pompeii. Everywhere seems to be the something Pompeii these days. Next you’ll be telling me that Basingstoke Shopping Centre is The Essex Pompeii. Sorry, I digress. Tomorrow there are likely to be some musings on a 3,700-year-old Bronze Age site, the undoubted Atlantis of Plato. I jest. Of course it’s doubted. By a lot of people. But it could be true. Or not. Or maybe Plato was just using a metaphor. In any case, it doesn’t matter a whole lot, as it is still just as impressive a phenomenon, an incredibly-preserved town from a time which was as distant from the Romans living in villas in Britain at the end of the Roman occupation of Britain as they themselves were from the invention of the iPad.


One thought on “Santorini: incredible location, dated museum

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw those black figure pieces in my text books ages ago. Funny to think such exquisite examples of this work are displayed so humbly

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