An epic train journey and an amphitheatre in my hotel

Well, after leaving Thessaloniki at 6:55 on the train to Sofia, I spent seven long hours in that carriage. It was eased by the pleasant scenery outside the window, and some good music on the headphones. Nonetheless, an epic journey.

When I arrived in Sofia, I had to go to the basement of the hotel I am staying in: Arena Di Serdica. It has an amphitheatre down there, unearthed during the building of the hotel.

The remains of an amphitheatre in the basement of Arena Di Serdica hotel

A visit to the underwhelming archeological museum (perhaps I’m just getting museum fatigue!)and then the impressive St. Alexandar Nevski Cathedral, and I’m calling it a day (after dinner!) Another train journey tomorrow, even earlier – 6:40 (to Plovdiv).

Sofia Archaeological Museum

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