Varna: Bulgarian Black Sea Bath Houses

The Greek city of Odessos, on the Black Sea coast in modern day Bulgaria, is now known as Varna, Bulgaria’s third city after Sofia and Plovdiv, both of which I’ve also visited in the past week.

As well as being on the coast, Varna is appealing for several reasons: it enormous green park, bordering the beach; it has a well-preserved and interesting Archaeological Museum; and it has not one but two sets of (relatively late) Roman Baths.

The larger of the two also has the higher remaining walls, which reminded me of the much smaller Baths at Ravenglass in the Lake District. It is well signposted.

The smaller one is less impressive but nice and has some very friendly people running it.

Varna probably isn’t worth a journey just for the Roman ruins, but if you’re here for the beach or cheap food and beer or both, the ruins are pleasant.


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