Zaragoza: the Caesaraugusta route

Today, accompanied by my lovely and very kind host Gloria, I visited the beautiful city of Zaragoza. It has four main Roman museums, which are all relatively new and very well-presented.

The River Port Museum is fascinating, and gives a real insight into the working life of a bustling port in Roman Spain.

The Forum Museum is larger, and contains lots of remains from various different eras spanning the life through history of this important city, named after the great Emperor Augustus.

The Baths Museum has an amusingly easy-to-miss entrance on a side road, and is small but interesting.

The Roman Theatre Museum is the best of the lot, and has a great story to tell, along with an impressive view of an atmospheric Theatre, with wooden walkways to take you around.

I would recommend a trip to Zaragoza. The Roman museums take a few hours to visit, but there is so much else to see which I will miss this time, in a cosmopolitan and fascinating environment.

It can get quite warm, though, even in May!


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