Córdoba: beguiling ancient city with beautiful architecture 

Firstly, I should say that the main thing I have noticed since arriving in Córdoba is the 37 degree heat. It’s like stepping into an oven. I bought an ice-cold bottle of water, and within minutes it felt like water from the hot tap…

But it’s worth braving the conditions to explore the city, as it’s a remarkable mix of Islamic, Roman and Christian buildings. The doorways you pass on side-streets lead into cool courtyards, the tiled walls splashed with bright colours.

The Roman Bridge is an impressive construction, and despite its exposed lack of shade, a walk across leads to a good viewpoint.

The Mezquita is impressive from the outside – it’s free to enter from 8:30 til 9:20 in the morning, so I’m going to visit tomorrow.

The archaeological museum is very nice, with some interesting pieces, and is built on top of the Roman Theatre (what’s left of it, not much).

Then there’s the Roman temple… impressive it seems, but unfortunately shrouded by scaffolding at present.

I have a walking tour of the city tomorrow, but I’m already well impressed by this place!


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