Coming soon: Germania and Dalmatia!

The second of my three 3-week Classical trips has come to an end, and next Monday, 19 June, I will start the last of them.

First, a week visiting Roman sites and museums in Germany – largely on the recommendation of Ben Kane (thanks Ben!). This will include:

  • Cologne
  • Xanten
  • Bonn
  • Trier
  • Mainz
  • Saalburg

Then I get a ferry from Venice to Croatia (after a quick visit to the Damien Hirst exhibition in Venice) and make my way down Croatia for about two weeks, by ferry and bus, stopping at the following places:

  • Poreč
  • Pula
  • Zadar
  • Split
  • Dubrovnik

So my next post will probably be on Tuesday 20 June.


One thought on “Coming soon: Germania and Dalmatia!

  1. Hi Andrew!

    Great Blogs and pics!

    When in Croatia PLEASE try to include Asseria and Vid (Narona) if not the Barunji Islands. It’s worth extending your trip if at all possible.

    If in any need do contact our amazing Agent Goran –

    He’s always treated us very well (sorry to make you blush Goran!), ditto Gill Greef, Chris Burnand of Abingdon amongst others.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your ‘nostos’………..although without the ‘welcome’ as I’m sure your wife has not been at her loom!

    We are off to Samos tomorrow.

    Supposed to be a rest…….but somehow I doubt it!

    Keep up the good work.




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