Bonn: small town, with a few things of interest in the museum

So, having seen an amazing place at Xanten, and now being just about two months into my Sabbatical (I arrived at Piraeus on 24 April) with places like Delos, Mérida, Plovdiv and Segovia behind me, I may be getting fatigued of it all, but I have to say that I have found Bonn to be intensely underwhelming. I mean, it’s a nice small town, but the guide books rave about the church, which is just a normal church, with rude notices about what tourists are and are not allowed to do (such as going into the crypt). It is, I should add, entirely possible that my view of the place is partly coloured by the excruciating 37 degree heat (and the fact that it meant I didn’t get much sleep last night). The museum is quite good, but incredibly muddled with repetitions of stuff and no sense of what you’re seeing when – modern art gives way to Roman altars then Neolithic axes, a random car; lots of relatively complex German signs; but some great tombstones and interesting army helmets and other gear. Also some intriguing little figures of deities. Pictures of these below. The biggest draw for me has been my place of abode – a really good hostel called BaseCamp Bonn, a train and various other caravans and such, all in a big warehouse with a great atmosphere and laid-back vibe.


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