Dubrovnik: busy tourist paradise with quiet green island nearby

I have very much enjoyed Dubrovnik. It is a very busy tourist city, at least in the first week of July, and the prices reflect this, certainly compared to those of elsewhere in Croatia, but it is nonetheless charming and beautiful. There is nothing Roman, as it only dates back to the 7th century or thereabouts, but plenty to see. The walk around the walls is justifiably recommended by everyone – stunning views. The trip up the cable car is also very much worth it. But the bit I enjoyed most was the short trip to the island of Lokrum – ten minutes by boat, and it has cool tree shade, nice little restaurants offering a variety of salads and cold drinks, a great little saltwater pool known as “The Dead Sea” with lots of people splashing and swimming in it… I took the opportunity to do a Segway tour of the island, which was lots of fun and I’d done lots of walking already. A fitting end to my foreign Sabbatical, which started on 24th April in Athens; tomorrow I shall be in Bgonor Regis, and the day after at Fishbourne Roman Palace visiting Cogidubnus, and then all that will be left will be the memories! Here are some photos of Dubrovnik and Lokrum.


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