Chedworth – snails and soapwort in the rain, nice dry mosaics!

I took my family to see Chedworth Roman Villa this weekend – on the way back home from Giffords Circus in Great Barrington.

It’s the British festival of archaeology so there was a great chap there dressed in flaxen cloak and tunic, who showed us various things a Roman slave in a villa like Chedworth would have known all about – garden tools (including a spade with a wooden bit you put your leather-shoed foot on to avoid hurting it) and plants like soapwort which I’d never seen before (my kids were fascinated!)
The rain seemed to have brought the snails out into the open and we saw a couple of nice big ones!

My 8-year-old was interested in the hypocaust and the wooden clogs used to protect bare feet! Then the nymphaeum, flowing nicely, and the fantastic mosaics.

The Salway room had a mosaic-making and badge-making session going on, which my children loved, and which gave them extra interest in the real mosaics they then saw in the Villa. All in all, it’s a great day out!
A couple of purchases from the shop, and then home to sample one of them!!


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