Odyssey podcast

On Friday 24th April 2015 at Bristol Grammar School, we staged a 15-hour reading of Homer’s Odyssey (in English). There were nearly 200 readers, who read for 5 or 6 minutes each. In the second half of 2015, and the first part of 2016, I shall be podcasting the audio from this amazing day, section by section. Click on the links below to hear them. Some have individual names, and others don’t, as quite a lot of them are read by school students. Enjoy!

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All the episodes are also listed below (as they are published).

Odyssey, Book 1

Odyssey, Book 2

Odyssey, Book 3

Odyssey, Book 4

Odyssey, Book 5

Odyssey, Book 6

Odyssey, Book 7

Odyssey, Book 8

Odyssey, Book 9

Odyssey, Book 10


Odyssey, Book 11


Odyssey, Book 12



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