The Roman Mysteries inspire Year 7s…

In preparation for the fantastic visit of Caroline Lawrence, I asked my Year 7s to think of questions they might like to ask her. The questions they came up with were often quite good, and showed a real understanding and inspiration. I reproduce some of them here (minus┬áthe more obvious ones, which were largely answered in Caroline’s talk).

(Caroline – they would be delighted if you would be able, perhaps, to choose one to answer!)

Ed: “Why did you choose to make all your facts true unlike many writers?”

Lara: “How long does the research about the books take you?”

Matt: “Why did you decide to take up Latin?”

Guy: “In the Dolphins of Laurentum, what gave you the idea about the monster at the ship wreck?”

Ellie: “Did you always want to be an author?”

Tom: “Do you have to check over and over again that your information is right?”

Prateek: “What does it smell like in the market?”