In Our Time: Classics podcasts

I thought I would make a list of Radio 4 In Our Time podcasts which are relevant to Classics, as a handy shortcut. Here it is. Much recommended – real experts and real discussions. Particularly good as an introduction for school students or others looking for a taste of Classics! Please let me know if I have missed any out, or if any of the links don’t work. [edit] I have also added some further BBC programmes where they are available on each topic.

Greek Literature

Greek Philosophy

Greek History

Roman Literature

    Horace – with Emily Gowers, William Fitzgerald and Ellen O’Gorman

Roman Philosophy

Roman History

    • Josephus – with Tessa Rajak, Philip Alexander and Martin Goodman
    • Julius Caesar – with Christopher Pelling, Catherine Steel and Maria Wyke
    • Spartacus – with Mary Beard, Maria Wyke and Theresa Urbainczyk
    • Queen Zenobia – with Edith Hall, Kate Cooper and Richard Stoneman
    • Hannibal – with Ellen O’Gorman, Mark Woolmer and Louise Rawlings
    • Cleopatra – with Catharine Edwards, Maria Wyke and Susan Walker
    • Boudica – with Juliette Wood, Richard Hingley and Miranda Aldhouse-Green
    • Roman Britain – with Greg Woolf, Mary Beard and Catharine Edwards
    • Roman Slavery – with Neville Morley, Ulrike Roth and Myles Lavan
  • General Classical Interest
    • The Eunuch – with Karen Radner, Shaun Tougher and Michael Hoeckelmann
    • The Phoenicians – with Mark Woolmer, Josephine Quinn and Cyprian Broodbank
    • Galen – with Vivian Nutton, Helen King and Caroline Petit
    • The Amazons – with Paul Cartledge, Chiara Franceschini and Caroline Vout
    • The Oath – with Alan Sommerstein, Paul Cartledge and Mary Beard
    • Rhetoric – with Angie Hobbs, Thomas Healy and Ceri Sullivan
    • Heroism – with Angie Hobbs, Paul Cartledge and Anthony Grayling
    • St Paul – with Helen Bond, John Haldane and John Barclay
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